Make a Balloon Animal

Here's an alternative when someone asks for a dog. It's a lot cuter than the standard weiner dog and no more difficult than a poodle. The dog's name is Old Petey, and was designed by Michael "Shag" Orock. He appeared in a newsletter published by T Myers who has granted permission to use it here. The basic instructions and accompanying story come from Christopher Maxwell from Leavenworth, Kansas.

The Balloon

Here are the directions: 1-inch bubble, ear twisted for nose. Then, two x 2.5-inch bubbles twisted together. Another roughly 2-inch bubble rolled thru the 2.5-inchers. (This is often called a Bird Body.)
This completes the nose and chops. Next, comes a series of a 2-inch, 1-inch, 1-inch, and 2-inch. Twist the final 2-inch back to the back of the chops. Ear twist each of the two 1-inchers for ears, and the 2-inchers become the eyes.

After that, you Lock Twist front and rear legs to finish it off with a regular dog body. The goal is to make a large, black, Labrador retriever.

The Story

Many years ago, when horses and buggies were the only mode of transportation, something incredible happened right here in Leavenworth, Kansas. A father took his daughter shopping one afternoon, and after awhile they decided to return home to take ‘mother' along with them. They returned home, and while the daughter waited in the carriage, the father went inside to get the mother. While he was gone, something scared the horses, who took off running down the street at full speed. The little girl had a dog who happened to be laying on the front porch, and the dog took off after the horses. Catching up with the runaway horses, the dog jumped up, grabbed one of the halters, and began trying to stop the horses before they turned a corner to sharp and upset the carriage, which could have killed the little girl. The horses slowed, and eventually stopped, but the dog was trampled to death in the process.

The Message

Someone has already died to save our lives. We, like the little girl, are also on our way towards death, and we don't know when the carriage will ‘roll over'. However, in order to be saved, we must accept what Jesus did for us and we need to allow Him to save us.







Yes, the wallpaper is a stereogram!