Make a Balloon Animal

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I just returned from Manila, Philippines, where the Christmas season begins in October, and Poinsettias flourish outdoors all year long. I had a great time swapping balloon ideas and magic effects with Larry Chew, who showed me the six-petal flower, the basis of this poinsettia.
Inflate a red 260 all the way, then slowly release the air to let the whole balloon get very soft. As soon as the nipple end begins to shorten, stop releasing air and tie the nozzle to the end of the nipple. Find the exact middle and hold the two parts parallel. Roll one of the bubbles to make a twist between them, giving you a full-sized, soft double bubble.
Divide the double bubble into three equal parts and twist into three doubles. Fold the three sections together to produce what resembles package of six fat hot dogs.
Now push the two ends of the bundle together and give the whole thing a twist. You are actually giving 6 bubbles a loop twist at the same time. Arrange the loops to form a neat 6-petal flower.
Inflate a yellow 260 about 4" and tie it off. Twist 3 very soft 1" bubbles, then give each of them a pinch twist , followed by a toe twist. This forms the center of the flower. Deflate the remaining bubble and cut off all but 2" of the remaining balloon.
Inflate a Green 260 leaving 3" uninflated. Tie the nozzle to the deflated tail of the yellow balloon. Slip the knot between the petals of the red flower leaving the yellow center on one side and the green stem on the other.
Twist a 1.5" bubble in the stem just below the flower. Follow this with three large loop twists for leaves. You may want to experiment with white and pink petals as well as red, since these are also popular varieties of poinsettias.

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