Make a Balloon Animal

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Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. The changing leaves and the expectation of the fall holidays have excited me since childhood. So here's a fall pumpkin to lend to the ambience of autumn.

Inflate an orange 260 ballon completely except for about 2 inches at the nozzle end. Release enough air to make it quite soft and tie the nipple (closed) end to the base of the long nozzle.

Find the exact middle and hold the two parts parallel. Roll one of the bubbles to make a twist between them, giving you a full-sized, soft double bubble. Divide the double bubble into three equal parts and twist into three doubles.

Tuck one bubble of the end pair between the two bubbles of the middle pair, like a 4-bubble bird body.

Now roll the remaining double bubble around the 4-bubble section, leaving the long nozzle for a stem.

You can push the ends together to encourage a rounder shape. If you have orange 350 balloons, using two of them on a similar manner can produce the Great Pumpkin!

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