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Steam Train

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Boone's biggest annual celebration is Pufferbilly Days, celebrated the weekend after Labor Day. Trains are the theme, and I've been wanting to do a Steam Locomotive for a long time. The effort displayed here contains ideas borrowed from a variety of sources and a few details of my own. Ready to begin? Then . . .

All Abooooard!


You need three 260 balloons. I like to use white for the smoke, blue for the body, and red for the wheels and cab. Inflate about 6 inches of the white one and tie it off. Inflate the blue and red ones leaving about a 6-inch uninflated tail.

Apple link the white balloon to the blue one, making a shallow apple twist in the blue. This will be the top of the smokestack. Twist ten half-inch bubbles in the white balloon and lock twist numbers 5 and 7 together, making a 3-bubble loop of bubbles 5, 6 and 7 in the middle of the string. Just below them, make a 4-bubble loop of numbers 3, 4, 8 and 9 by twisting 3 and 9 together. Twist number 10 to the joint between 1 and 2, then break off the remainder and tie it off. In the blue balloon, twist a 2-inch bubble for the smokestack, followed by a 3-inch, three 1-inch and another 3-inch.

Lock the 3-inch bubbles together and pinch twist the first and third 1-inch bubbles. The three little bubbles form the cow catcher at the front.
Next make a 1-inch followed by a soft 3-inch. pinch twist the 1-inch and push the 3-inch between the other 3-inch bubbles to make the front of the engine. The pinch twist is used to help keep the smokestack upright.

Twist three 4-inch bubbles and make a 3-bubble roll-through for the main body of the engine. Follow with a 1-inch bubble for the cabin base, and make a toe twist to seal the end. Break off any extra balloon left.

Arrange the 3-bubble body so that one bubble is on the bottom and two are on top.

Tie the nozzle of the red balloon to the back of the 3-bubble body and make three 1.5-inch bubbles for wheels. Twist around the front of the 3-bubble body and make three more wheels for the other side. Secure the balloon at the same point where the nozzle is tied.

Twist a 3-inch, 1-inch, 1-inch and 3-inch, securing the last twist to the back of the cabin base. The second 3-inch should be on the opposite side of the train as the first one. These form two diagonally opposite corners of the cab.
Now make a second set of 3-inch, 1-inch, 1-inch, 3-inch bubbles. This third 3-inch makes the other rear corner of the cab. The twist between the two 1-inch bubbles should cross the twist between the first two 1-inchers, and the last 3-inch makes the other front corner of the cab. Finish by making a 1-inch pinch twist to help support the cab. Pop and tie off any excess balloon.

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