Make a Balloon Animal

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Make a Balloon Sculpture

Visit my gallery page to find instructions for all balloons previously posted.


This is the best one-balloon lion I have ever seen. The instructions were posted to the Balloon HQ mailing list by That Balloon Guy, Tom Roat. He has given me his permission to use it here.

Inflate a yellow or goldenrod 260 leaving about 6 inches uninflated. Make a 1-inch bubble, followed by a 1/2-inch, 1/4-inch, and 1/2-inch bubbles. pinch twist, the 1-inch bubble to form the lower jaw and lock twist the other three bubble into a loop to form the cheecks and nose.

Next make a 3-4 inch bubble and loop twist it for thetop part of the head.

Next, make a string of seven 1-inch bubbles. These will be wrapped over the top of the head and back to the starting point to form the mane and ears.

Give the third and fifth bubbles of the loop a pinch twist to make the ears. Complete the body with a 1.5-inch neck, two 3-inch front legs lock twisted together, a 3-4 inch body, back legs like the front, and whatever is left for the tail. A black marker can be used to darken the nose and add whiskers, eyes, and other features.

You can use the lion with the lamb to symbolize the weather in March, or to illustrate the biblical millennium when the lion and the lamb will dwell together in peace. Other biblical references include Daniel in the lion's den, Jesus referred to as the Lion of Judah, and David's conquest of a lion and a bear while tending his father's sheep.


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