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Take a shallow dish and partially fill it with water. Sprinkle a little pepper on top of the water and hand a spectator a toothpick. Ask him to arrange the pepper in a circle just inside the edge of the dish. When he is unable to do so, take the toothpick and touch it to the surface of the water in the middle, and the pepper magically floats out to the edge.

The Secret

When you take the toothpick, rub a little liquid soap on the tip. This can be done secretly or openly at your discretion. The soap will break the surface tension at the point of contact and the surface of the water will retract, taking the pepper with it.


Note: You can perform this for a large group by using a transparent container and setting it on an overhead projector. Focus it so that the specks of pepper are sharp.
We all have a lot of things in our lives that keep us busy. Some of them are planned, like hobbies and work or school. Other things seem to intrude on our lives and demand attention, like bad weather, or accidents, and it can be problem trying to keep everything in order. We're going to let these specks of pepper represent the activities in our lives. Now I want you to organize these activities by placing them in a circle around the edge of the dish. (Let spectator try it). It isn't an easy job, because when you concentrate on one item another one seems to get out of control. Our lives may seem haphazard, but God has a plan for each of us. (Take the toothpick and perform the trick). If we let Him into the center of our lives, He can take the things in our lives and bring them under His control.

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