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The magician hands an envelope containing a prediction to a volunteer. Another volunteer calculates a number that seems to defy the magician's predictions, but the prediction turns out to be right.


Do you ever wonder if God gets frustrated? When we look at all of the things that are wrong in this world, we may sometimes think so. But God already knows the future before it happens. To illustrate this, I have made a prediction about something that will happen here tonight. In this envelope I have placed some coins.
(Hand it to a volunteer)
If everything works right, the value of these coins will match exactly a number selected by a member of the audience.
(Select a volunteer who knows enough math to do simple division. The rest of the trick is done as you look away from the volunteer, so as not to influence the outcome.)
Instruct the volunteer: Draw a large tic-tac-toe board, and number the squares in order.
Now select any number and circle it. Put an X in both of the other squares in the same column, and both squares in the same row. You should now have one number circled, and four crossed out. Circle any one of the remaining numbers, and again cross out any other squares in the same row or column. This should leave you with one square unmarked. Circle that number. Now add up the three numbers and divide by two.
If the instructions are followed correctly, the answer will be 7 1/2. The audience may chuckle, but since you are looking away, you continue as if nothing is wrong.
Now, will the first volunteer please open the envelope and tell the audience what you find.
They will discover a nickel, two pennies, and half of a penny that you have cut in two with tinsnips!

Remember, when things look like they have gone wrong, God is still in control, and nothing can take Him by surprise.

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