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The magician takes two plastic soda straws and wraps them around each other. They appear to be tightly interlocked, but a quick pull separates them completely.


Tell the story from Acts 12 of how Peter was imprisoned by king Herod and chained to two soldiers.
Hold the two straws crossed at the centers with the horizontal one in front of the vertical one.

Bring the lower part of the vertical straw forward and up giving it a full wrap around the horizontal one, going on the left side of the upper part.

Continue the story telling how the gates were locked and guards posted inside and out.Take the right half of the horizontal straw and give it a full wrap around the top part of the vertical straw. Continue another half wrap so that both ends are on the left side.
Finish the story by telling how the angel came and released Peter from his chains and led him through the gates out into the streets. Take both ends of the vertical straw, pull them to the right, and pull the straws apart with a quick snap.
Conclude by telling how Christians today can be bound by bad habits, peer pressure or other difficult situations. But no problem is too difficult for God. In Jesus's words, If the Son therefore sets you free, you shall be free indeed.

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