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This effect is really more of a puzzle than a magic trick, but it can be used just as effectively to convey a spiritual truth.
The challenge is to connect the dots in the drawing using only 4 straight lines, connected end-to-end. Most people who haven't seen the trick before (and even some who have!) can get up to eight, but are stymied when it comes to getting the last one. The reason for this is that we mentally construct a box using the four corner dots, and then try to stay inside that box. These restrictions make it impossible to connect all 9 dots using only 4 straight lines connected end-to-end. Only by going outside the box can we find the solution.
People who deny the existance of God have drawn themselves into a box and either cannot or will not see Him as the answer to any of life's questions. Their understanding of the world is limited to the explanations of evolution, humanistic psychology, social philosophies and other manmade ideas.

But if we are to find answers to life's most important questions we must look beyond the physical realm. This is not to scoff at the many benefits of science and logic, but it recognizes that there is no valid scientific or logical reason for ruling out God's activity in the lives of mankind.

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