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Trinity - 3 or 1?
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The Magician hands a set of three ropes to a spectator and keeps a set for himself. The Ropes have colored tips on the ends to distinguish between them. The spectator ties the matching ends of each rope together to make three loops. But when the magician does it he gets one large loop.


I'd like you to take these three ropes, and I'll use a set of ropes like them to demonstrate what I want you to do. We're going to use these ropes to demonstrate the Trinity of God. Start with the rope with yellow ends. Yellow reminds us of sunlight, so we'll use this one to represent God the Father, Creator of Heaven and earth. James speaks of God as the Father of lights and the giver of all good gifts (James 1:17). Tie the ends together to make a loop. Now take the the one with red ends to represent Jesus, God the Son, who shed His blood for our sins. Make another loop with that one. Now to complete the picture, tie the blue one into a loop to represent God the Holy Spirit. The Hebrew word for Spirit is the same as for 'wind', so the color of the sky will remind us of the Spirit. Now hold up your ropes and we'll look at the illustration of God.
It looks like your results are different from mine. You have three loops and I have one. But both of these tell us about the Trinity. God exists eternally as three distinct persons, like your ropes, but He is really only one God, like mine. The three persons all have their separate roles, but they are still one God, with one purpose and no division between them.

The Secret

The magician's ropes are prepared differently from those of the spectator. Notice that the ends of each rope don't match, so when the magician ties his ropes together, they will form one large loop. Be careful when you tie the ends that you don't tangle the ropes and end up with a knot in the loop.

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