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A spectator selects a book of the Bible from a list on a set of cards. The Magician then is able to tell the spectator what book he has chosen and how the selected book is a part of God's plan for us, revealed in His word.


Do you have a favorite book of the Bible? I'd like you to find that book or any other book of your choice on these cards. Don't tell me which book it is, just point to the card.
Now, turn the cards over to the other side, and again, find the same book and point to the card.
Ah, I see that you like the Psalms. You know, the books of poetry in the Old Testament are expressions of God's people seeing God at work in their lives. They talk about their greatest joys and their deepest sorrows, but they always know that God is there with them and express their praise and worship to Him.
The Bible is the Word of God and it can guide us in every area of our lives if we are willing to apply it to the way we live.

The Secret

When the spectator selects the first card, look at the second book on the list. The First and Second cards have books named 'First..,' and 'Second...'. For each of the remaining cards, count the number of letters in the name, identifying numbers three through eight. Remember that number!
Now, when the spectator points to the back side of the card, count down to the number you remembered, and that's the selected book.
Suggested patter for other books:
  • O.T. Law (Genesis - Deuteronomy) The Law tells how God chose Abraham and made Him the father of the nation of God's chosen people. Sometimes he had to punish them because they were disobedient, but He never ceased to love them.
  • O.T. History (Joshua - Esther) The History books tell how God cared for his chosen people, Israel. When they followed Him, they received his blessing, but when they disobeyed, God allowed their enemies to oppress them.
  • Poetry (Job - Song of Solomon) - See Psalms example above.
  • O.T. Prophecy (Isaiah - Malachi) The prophets were God's messengers sent to guide His people, Israel in the right paths, and to correct them when they were going the wrong way.
  • Gospels (Matthew - John) The Gospels tell us the story of the life of Jesus. He came not only to show us the way to live, but to be our Savior and enable us to live according to God's way.
  • N.T. History (Acts) The book of Acts tells the story of how early Christians spread the good news of salvation to their world. Some of them suffered great hardship, but they did it gladly to serve God and reach out to their fellow man.
  • Epistles (Romans - Jude) The epistles are messages to Churches and individual Christians in the first century. They give a lot of practical advice in living for God and trusting in Him.
  • N.T. Prophecy (Revelation) - The Revelation shows us a picture of the end times. Sometimes the message can be confusing, but one thing is very clear - God wins. And His followers get to take part in the eternal blessings He provides.
If you want to learn more about God and His plan for you, Click Here.

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