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Two soft ropes, 3-4 feet long.


Two volunteers are selected from the audience. The ends of a rope are tied around each wrist of one volunteer. The same is done with the second, but before tying, the ropes are linked together.

The volunteers are challenged to separate without removing the ropes.

Most volunteers will go through extensive manipulating, stepping through the loops and climbing over each other, all to no avail. If the volunteers know the secret (a few will), congratulate them and continue with the application. If they can't 'escape', use the method below to set them free.


The Bible teaches that all of us are sinners. It just comes natural for us to do the wrong thing. Even when we really want to do what is right, we eventuallydo something wrong. We can try all kinds of self-help programs or 12-step plans, but ultimately, our problem lies in our own inner nature. In Romans 7 the apostle Paul talked about his struggle with his sinful nature, and asked the agonizing question "Who shall deliver me from this body of death?"

Thankfully, Paul goes on to chapter 8 where he finds the answer in Jesus Christ. Only He can set us free from our sins and empower us to live a holy life. As we daily yield to Jesus, He can set us free from the sins that drag us down.

The Secret

To separate the two volunteers, take the middle of one rope up through the loop around the other person's wrist. The rope should be on the front side of the wrist. Pull enough rope through the loop to go over the hand and then pull it out on the back side of the hand. If done according to the pictures above, the two volunteers will now be free of each other.

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