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Through the Door



  • Jesus Dollar as designed by Dock Haley
  • scissors


A "door" is cut in a paper dollar and opened on one side. A spectator holds onto the door while the rest of the bill is folded up. When the bill is unfolded, the spectator is on the other side of the bill.


I highly recommend purchasing a package of the Dock Haley Jesus Dollars from your magic supplier for three reasons: it will give you better quality than printing from these display versions, it will cost less than printing your own, and it will support the continued use of this attention-getting witnessing tool. If you prefer, you can order directly from Dock Haley Gospel Magic
Fold the bill in thirds vertically, as shown by the blue vertical lines. It is important that the center panel be as wide as each of the side panels. The horizontal folds should be 1/4 of the way from the edge so that the folded portions meet but don't overlap in the middle. Cut along the folds where indicated by the red lines.
Open the door toward the front side of the bill and have a spectator hold the door with his left hand. You will be working from the other side of the bill.
Fold one side panel inward so that it covers the door opening.
Fold the top panel down and the bottom panel up.
Fold the other side panel inward. After this fold, the entire bill is folded to the size of the door opening.
When you open the folds, begin from the opposite side of the packet from the last fold. In effect, you are moving the first folded panel through the doorway.
Open the top and bottom folds, and this will effectively pull the last panel through the door opening. The spectator is now on the other side of the bill.


Hand out unprepared Jesus dollars to the spectators. Call on one voulunteer to help you.
We're looking at a Jesus dollar. It isn't real money, and you can't spend it, but it's still very valuable because of the message printed on it. It tells us about Jesus. The picture in the middle is what the artist thinks Jesus might have looked like, and all around are pictures from His life. On the right side is a picture of five biscuits and two fish, from the time Jesus fed 5000 people with that small amount of food. On the back side there are pictures showing that the Bible is a lamp for our feet, and a light for our path. Point out other features as appropriate for your audience.

Notice that right here it says "ONE DOOR", and it has Jesus' words saying "I am the way." I've actually cut a door in this one with Jesus in the middle of it. You see, this bill has two sides. The front side is printed in black ink. That's a reminder that this life ends in death. All of us are going to die some day. But the other side is printed in green ink. That reminds me of growing and living things, and makes me think of heaven where we'll never die.
Of course, we all want to go to heaven when we die, but not everyone is going to go there. Jesus told his disciples that it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. That's because people that go through their whole life looking ony for earthly riches never take the time to know Jesus, who is the doorway into heaven. Instruct your volunteer to hold the "door" with his left hand.
Now, you're on the black side of the bill, which is this life. In order to get to the other side, you'd have to go through this tiny little door. That's almost like the camel going through the eye of a needle. You can't do it. But Jesus went on to say that "with God, all things are possible." He also called himself the good shepherd, and invited his followers to enter his fold. So we're going to make a few folds here to represent going into the fold of the shepherd. And when we do that (open the bill to the other side) we can see that we have actually passed through the door to the other side. Do you see what it says on this side of the door? "But God's gift is eternal LIFE through Jesus Christ." What is impossible for us to do is possible with God.

At this point you can go into a fuller explanation of the gospel. Click Here for more details.

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