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The cut and restored rope has literally hundreds of variations. This is one of the first methods I learned. Practice it well and it will prove to be quite effective.


A 5 foot rope is displayed and examined. The Magician holds both ends together to locate the center of the rope. The rope is cut in two and the cut ends tied together. Then the knot is removed from the rope which is again in one piece.


After the rope is examined, hold both ends in your left hand. Reach through the hanging loop with your right index finger just left of the center of the rope at point C (Figure 1). With your thumb and middle finger on the outside of the loop, lift the center as if to place it in your left hand.

As your right hand approaches your left hand, reach through the loop with your right thumb and middle finger and grab point D, a few inches below end B and pull it through loop C (Figure 2). ).

Bring loop D up into your left hand, hiding the real center of the rope in the palm of your left hand (Figure 3).

The audience thinks they see both ends and the middle of the rope above your left fist. Cut loop D and hold both ends of the small piece (B - D)that you cut off, letting the other ends fall (Figure 4).

Tie a knot in the short piece at its location in the middle of the long piece and it will look like two halves of the rope tied together. To restore the rope just slide the knot off one end.


There are multitudes of presentations for this effect. You may want to do a comedy bit with a volunteer trying to cut the rope with break-apart scissors, etc. Once the knot is tied you may want to find it off center and trim off the long end. Then secretly slide the knot so that the ends still are not even.
To complete the restoration you can wrap the rope around your left hand, sliding the knot off with your right as you go. Experiment with it and come up with your own ideas!


For Gospel applications I mention that we often have problems in our lives that are difficult to face. Sometimes the problems are the result of our own doing, and sometimes there's nothing we can do to avoid them. If we rely on our own resources, the best we can do often leaves "knotty" problems that continue to get in our way. But when we let God take over he can take us through. Sometimes He completely removes the problem, and sometimes He uses the problem to strengthen us, but He is always there to restore and renew us.

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