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Three paper loops are displayed. Each one is cut lengthwise with a pair of scissors. The first turns into two separate loops as expected, but the second produces two loops linked togetherand the third produces one large loop.


When you make the first loop simply bring the two ends straight together and fasten with glue or tape. For the second loop, give the paper a full twist before fastening the ends together, and with the last one make a half twist. If the loops are fairly long the twists will not be noticed. If you use crepe paper streamers the nature of the paper also helps to hide the twists.
Be sure that you know which loop is which, and that you stay away from the edges when cutting. The twists in the paper do all the work, but your presentation is what will create the "magic".


This can be used as an audience participation trick in which you demonstrate what is to be done, and then have two volunteers vie for a "big money" prize to see who can do the best job of cutting the loop int two separate loops. Of course both will fail because one will get only one loop, and the other will get two linked (not separate) loops. You may then still give them "big money" prizes of oversized dollars (available at most joke & magic stores), or any other prize you see fit.


Harold Philmore Wells, in his book Sermons in Magic (Moody Press, Chicago) uses this effect to illustrate being made complete in Christ. When God first made Adam and Eve they were at one with Him, having daily fellowship in the garden, but when they chose to disobey (Cut the first band) their sin separated them from God.
Some people try to get back into fellowship with God through doing good works, going to church or other things in order to make up for their own wrongdoings. (Cut the second strip, with the full twist.) They fail to realize that only Christ's sacrifice on the cross can atone for our sins. They may be connected to the christian movement, but they are still not complete in Christ. Only by accepting Christ as Lord and Savior (Cut third loop) can we find complete forgiveness and eternal life. Through His work, not our own, we can be one with Him. (Display large single loop.)

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