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A coin is displayed and rubbed against the forearm in an attempt to rub it into the arm. After a few failed attempts the coin vanishes.


Sit or stand behind a table. If you are wearing long sleeves, roll them up.


Everyone is interested in money. We can obtain the necessities of life, find entertainment and make many of our tasks easier just by exchanging this simple commodity for what we want. But some people put so much emphasis on money that they lose their perspective on life. Instead of a means, money becomes an end in itself. Let me illustrate with this coin. This represents my financial wealth that I want to hang on to. In order to keep it, I'm going to attempt to rub it into my right forearm. That way it will always be where I can keep an eye on it, and it will always be handy when I need it.
(Take the coin in your left palm. Place your right hand on your shoulder with the forearm facing the audience, elbow pointing down. Hold the coin flat between the right forearm and left palm and rub it up and down a few times before letting it slip out, falling to the table. Repeat this action 2 or 3 times during the following speech.)
There are many ways that people try to hang on to their money. Some store it in a bank or keep it in a safe. But an emergency can quickly use up what we have set aside. (Drop the coin.) Some people invest their money in stocks or mutual funds, but these sometimes lose their value and you can lose your money that way too. (Drop the coin.) It's not that these things are wrong, or even a bad idea. In fact the Bible says that we should save up and plan for the future. But at the same time we need to realize that God is the One in whom we trust, and not in our own wealth--because the time may come when our money will fail us. (Show that the coin has disappeared - see the secret below. ) But God is always there to take care of us if we trust Him. Jesus warned us not to "lay up riches on earth, where moths and rust corrupt, and thieves break in and steal." Instead, we are to "lay up riches in heaven" by using what we have to help others and to spread the message of Gods' Love.

The Secret

Each time you drop the coin, you pick it up with the left hand and begin the rubbing process again. The last time, pick up the coin with the RIGHT hand. Because they have seen you do it several times before, the audience won't notice that you used the other hand. Then when you lift your right hand to your shoulder to repeat the rubbing procedure, drop the coin down your shirt collar.

What if I get caught?

On rare occasions, someone may notice that you used the other hand and point it out. If that happens, remember that your purpose is not to mystify with the effect, but to illustrate your message. Without pausing, respond by saying "You're very observant. That's what magicians call a 'Steal', and any earthly riches that we store up can be stolen when we least expect it." Then continue as though nothing unusual happened.

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