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This is more of a challenge than a magic trick, but for those not familiar with the laws of physics involved in may seem magical.
Place two pennies and a nickel on a smooth table. The pennies should be touching each other. Challenge a viewer to put the nickel between the two pennies without breaking the following rules: One penny may not be moved. The other penny may not be touched by anything.


All of us have problems in our lives. Sometimes they're easy to solve, and sometimes they just go away if we are patient. But some problems just seem to hold on to us and not let go, and that's what these coins represent. One penny represents you, and the other one next to it represents your problem. The nickel represents God, who wants to help you defeat the problem. To illustrate this, I want you to put the nickel between you and your problem, but you have to follow these rules: You can't move the penny that represents you, and you can't touch the problem penny with anything. (Give the viewer a chance to try. If he succeeds, compliment him, and go on.)

If we give the problem to God, His power can work through us to bring us victory. . . .

The Secret

Put your left index finger (if you are right handed) on the penny that represents you. Place the nickel a few inches away, opposite the problem penny. With the right index finger, snap the nickel against the penny that is held in place.
The force of the nickel will be transferred through the held penny to the one not being held, moving it away. Then the nickel may be moved between the pennies.

Presentation, continued

God doesn't promise to make our problems disappear, but when we stay close to Him, our problems can't defeat us.

The biggest problem facing all of us is sin. This is one problem that nobody can defeat on his own. But God has provided victory over this through His Son, Jesus Christ.

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