Make a Balloon Animal

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Angels have become very popular in recent years, but are especially appropriate at Christmas time when we recall how these messengers delivered the glorious news of our Saviour's birth. This design is my modification of a sculpture I learned from Carol Fields, aka "Bananas", the clown with appeal. Carol is a delightful Christian clown who does balloon sculpting and decorating in the Kansas City area.


Inflate a 260 ballon leaving about a four-inch tail. Twist a 2-inch bubble for the head, then a 3-4 inch arm, three 1-inch bubbles and another arm. Twist the arms together at the neck.

Twist a 4-inch torso, followed by three 4-inch bubbles for the skirt of the robe. Make a bird body from the three bubbles, followed by two pinch twists for the feet.

The remainder of the balloon may be popped and tied off or tucked into the skirt to make it fuller. Make a pop twist from the three bubbles on the arms to separate the hands.

In a contrasting balloon, make a shallow apple twist for a halo. Squeeze the air out of the next part of balloon to make an almost limp 2-inch bubble. Secure the halo to the knot on the top of the head, and bring the limp bubble down the back of the head and twist to the neck. With the remainder of the second balloon make two triangular wings, using bubbles of about 3, 5 and 6 inches. Secure the wings to the neck and the angel is complete.

Optionally, you can cut the limp bubble in the middle and twist the ends into the joints at the top and bottom of the head to seal them off.

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