Make a Balloon Animal

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To the Stars!

After last month's sculpture, we're jumping from the steam age to the space age. I created this starship model for use at our hospital's Health and Safety Fair to coincide with their theme of Exploring.

Live long and prosper!


You need two 260 balloons. Silver or gold make a beautiful sculpture, but the easier-to-find gray or white work just fine.
Inflate one balloon leaving a 2-inch tail. Begin with a l2-14 inch bubble and loop twist it back to the knot. Next make a 1.5-inch bubble and another loop twist. The hole in the middle of the second loop should be about 2 inches in diameter, and the first loop should fit snugly around the second one.
Tuck the long remaining bubble through the hole in the small loop so there is a small bump protruding from the top. Then nestle the small loop into the large one as shown. This completes the saucer section.
Inflate the second balloon about half way. Make an apple twist followed by a 5-inch, 1-inch, 3-inch, 1-inch, 1-inch, 3-inch, and a 1-inch. You should have about 6 inches left. Pinch twist all of the 1-inch bubbles and then tie a knot in the tail about a half inch from the bubble. Use this knot to make another apple twist. Each 5-inch bubble with its apple twist becomes a nacelle for the body, with the 3-inch being the support. Lock it to the body about 3-2 inches behind the pinch twist under the saucer. The pinch twists in the nacelle section help to hold everything in position.

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