Make a Balloon Sculpture

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Square Knot Hat

I received this design from Charles Dolbel, a professional entertainer in Aukland, New Zealand. He calls this design simply an Adjustable Hat, but I like to call it the Square Knot hat. It's quick and easy, and it won't catch loose hairs in the twists which are far away from the wearer's head.
You will need two 260 balloons in seasonal or theme colors. For Christmas you can use red and green as shown here, or red and white to give it a Santa effect. Inflate both balloons completely and release a bit of air to soften them. In each balloon, make a round bubble at each end and twist them together to make a big loop.
You need to pull the twisted end of each balloon through the rounded end of the other. What works really well for me is to put loop the red balloon over my left arm while I inflate and tie the green balloon. Then I grab the twisted end of the green loop with my left hand. Next I reach through the green loop with my right hand and grab the twisted end of the red balloon. Then, I just pull my hands apart and voilá! there's the hat. You can see that the body of the hat is a big square knot. Slip it over the wearer's head and it almost adjusts itself.

Here's how it looks from the side. You can leave it just like this and you've made a big bright hat in under a minute. If you want to go with the Santa Claus look, use red and white, and put an underinflated 5-inch round on the red peak.


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